Opening Night of ‘Hamlet’ is a Success

Last night the BHS Performing Arts Company tackled the opening night of the fall play- ‘The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark’. The play, complete with dramatic monologues and an […]


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  • New Mural in BHS Entrance Hall by Photo 3

    New Mural in BHS Entrance Hall by Photo 3

    Last year, BHS replaced and added several murals to the school, including the word cloud in the cafeteria and the quote above the inside of the library entrance. This year, […]

  • Book Picks: Not If I See You First

    Book Picks: Not If I See You First

    Most people at school are probably used to Belmont High’s small community by now. What would happen if the student body suddenly doubled? More specifically, what would happen if the […]

  • Book Picks: The Ocean at the End of the Lane

    Book Picks: The Ocean at the End of the Lane

    Everyone wishes they were still an elementary schooler, right? Little to no homework, very little responsibility… and all the paralyzing childhood fears that age has mostly killed. Neil Gaiman’s novel, The […]

  • 2015 PAC Coffeehouse Fundraiser

    2015 PAC Coffeehouse Fundraiser

    The PAC Coffeehouse Fundraiser (2015) helped to raise money for new lighting equipment for both the Auditorium and the Little Theater! These talented musicians exemplified the PAC and their performances […]

  • Book Picks: War Against All Puerto Ricans

    Book Picks: War Against All Puerto Ricans

    What do you know about the history of Puerto Rico? No matter how deep your knowledge of the subject, it’s bloodier than you think. War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and […]

  • Book Picks: Lair of Dreams

    Book Picks: Lair of Dreams

    The Roaring Twenties. Best known for parties, Prohibition, and… supernatural intrigue? Libba Bray’s Diviners series brings a new layer of unreality and horror to 1920s Manhattan, picking up in its […]

  • Book Picks: Station Eleven

    Book Picks: Station Eleven

    Picture the end of the world. What do you see? Zombies? Nuclear war? A ragtag band of survivors living in a supermarket? Look closer. In your postapocalyptic landscape, what do […]

  • Jimmy Fallon Visits!

    Jimmy Fallon Visits!

    The air was filled with excitement and nervousness this weekend as Jimmy Fallon, host of the Tonight Show, received the Elmer Award for Excellence in Humor from Harvard University’s humor magazine, […]

  • PAC Holiday Coffeehouse

    PAC Holiday Coffeehouse

    On Friday before winter break, Belmont High School’s Performing Arts Company hosted a holiday coffeehouse in the school cafeteria. There was a wide variety of music throughout the twenty-eight performances, from […]