Although many organizations and clubs exist at Belmont High School with the goal of changing the school for the better, many students feel as though these changes are not occurring.

In theory, it seems ideal. Who better to listen to student concerns than panels of students themselves? However, in reality, those that are on these committees are frustrated with their lack of impact, and the students that are trying to voice their concerns feel ignored.

These concerns are largely universal amongst the student body. They commonly relate to unmanageable amounts of homework, the difficulty and irrelevance of some of this homework, and the state of certain school facilities. While many members of student groups say that they devote significant amounts of time to discussing these issues, there has been little improvement. A member of two of these governing student bodies weighs in as to why: “I’ve noticed that teacher advisors tend to get defensive or dismissive when certain ideas are brought up. Because they are shot down so immediately, it’s difficult to encourage these new and important discussions.” The need for diplomacy between students and teachers when criticizing school policies has rendered both sides unable to come to a solid conclusion. This may account for the unfinished or unsuccessful “solutions” that cycle through the school.

Another student discusses why there does not seem to be much haste to improve the school’s physical condition: “Many of these necessary changes are being pushed off because of the imminent new school. Why fix the springs poking up from the auditorium chairs and broken water fountains when the school will be totally replaced within the decade?” Built in 1970, the school is due for a renovation. In February 2016, there was a Town Meeting vote to establish the Belmont High School Building Committee, created to delve¬†further into the logistics of this new building. With that in mind, it hardly seems logical for the school to sink excessive amounts of money into improving conditions that are bothersome more than hazardous.

Likewise, some argue that many of the social and educational issues plaguing the school should not be fixed. High school is a difficult time for many students, and because of this, there are bound to be some unavoidable issues. Although the goal is for students and teachers to be as content as possible in their learning environment, there are certain educational standards that must be met. These should not be sacrificed for excessive degrees of comfort. Because teachers and students alike are quite aware of the problems they face but are unable to solve them, perhaps the only conclusion is that they are inevitable.