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A new camera has been created by the company Light and it’s funding on Kickstarter. This camera isn’t typical… at all. It’s a compact camera that can fit in your pocket. It contains 16 lenses and uses the photos captured by the lenses to stitch into a single large image of 52 megapixels. It has a powerful post-shooting editing software, where you can change the depth of field, something never done before on a compact camera. Each lens is 13 megapixels. The camera can store up to 256 gigabytes, and the chip powering the camera is a Snapdragon 820, similar to high end smartphones and laptops. The camera is able to take 4K video and is available for preorder for $1700. The camera automatically connects to your smartphone and updates its software when you don’t use it.

Many new smartphones, like the Apple 7, tried integrating several lenses to take more detailed photos using photo stitching. None however, have done it as successfully as Light.

For photographers out there, it’s expensive, but for the detailed photos and the incredible editing software, it might be worth a shot.