An Instagram account bearing the handle @bhs_official_memes has attracted the wrath of a similar account, @middlesex_official_memes. The account, dedicated to memes focused on BHS culture and convention, was criticized for “stealing memes from Reddit” in a post from earlier this week. The Middlesex account, which claims to represent all high schools in Middlesex County, continued to attack BHS in nearly all of their posts, to which BHS responded with several “The original is always better than the copy”-type memes. The passive-aggressive memes have generated a full-on internet war between schools that ran for over three days.
The feud prompted irritated reactions from students. An irritated Lydia Fick begged both accounts to “please calm down,” while junior Amelia Ickes was “genuinely perplexed” at why the accounts continued to brawl. Many students have inquired as to whether the owners of the accounts have homework to do, and why they spend their time on such frivolous activity. No-Point resident meme expert Wonyoung Jang expressed disdain for both accounts, stating that “they all suck.” Jang has been a longtime critic of the accounts and their “lukewarm” memes.
Most recently, a tasteless joke comparing BHS to Hitler caused many students to turn on @middlesex_official_memes, leading to the deletion of the post. Middlesex has reportedly invaded some students’ own Instagram accounts with comments proclaiming them “The Meme Police,” annoying many BHS students. It seems that the war has led to a downward spiral for the accounts, both of which curiously claim to “officially” represent their respective constituencies without ever specifying the office that deemed them worthy of this task. For now, the students of Massachusetts can only pray that the meme war ends as quickly and bloodlessly as possible, hopefully before MCAS.


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