Spirits were high on Saturday evening as Belmont High students, accustomed to staying at home at night and sobbing over their homework, donned their best black minidresses and Vineyard Vines khakis for a night out at BHS’ Homecoming Dance. The students chattered as they stood on line for their Breathalyzer tests, eager to hang out and have a great time at the first dance not cancelled due to lack of interest since 1982.

The excitement quickly evaporated, however, when the students collectively realized that they weren’t that great at dancing.

Undeterred, small groups of students formed circles and shifted their weight from foot to foot, sometimes interspersing their shuffling with syncopated jumping up and down. Some belted out lyrics to the popular songs played by DJ David Korn in an effort to keep attention off their hands, which they really weren’t sure what to do with.

About an hour in, students formed a large circle, presumably for someone to break into and bust a move in, but the energy again dissipated when most dance-goers decided that they didn’t want to risk embarrassing themselves. Instead, they just stayed in the circle and bounced to the beat, prompting confusion and even anger from the students at the outer edge. “I hate white people,” one student said in disgust.

Most students trickled out well before ten. Those who stayed could be heard loudly cursing their parents for not picking up their phones.

Whether or not there will be another dance before prom has yet to be announced.