In an effort to reduce student stress during the transition into the second semester, Belmont High School has declared the weekend of Friday, January 27th an Everything-Due-On-Tuesday Weekend.

“Recent research has indicated that students perform far better when given an opportunity after the intense midterm period to take a breather, collect themselves, and work on a seven-page essay assigned for Tuesday,” reads a statement issued by the administration. “This weekend, we hope to provide an environment for students to work on their four-part pre-labs free of responsibilities.”

Jessica Chen, a junior, expressed gratitude for the implementation of an Everything-Due-On-Tuesday Weekend. “I can’t wait to kick back and enjoy taking guided notes on 7 chapters of the history textbook because of my ski race on Monday.”

Other students are taking advantage of the slight delay in responsibilities to tour colleges. Said Maerose Pepe, a senior, “I’m so glad I finally have the opportunity to frantically create a poster for my presentation on anarcho-capitalism in a hotel room in Allentown, Pennsylvania.”

If the weekend is a success, the school plans to cancel school on Friday between quarters 3 and 4 for an Everything-Due-On-Thursday Weekend.


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