The day after inauguration. Women, men, children, and families join together to protest against the discriminating actions and words spoken by President Donald Trump. This powerful gathering of people, coming together for the sake of sanity amidst a crisis, brought people hope in times when they think America could not get any worse and provided an empowering message about equality and justice. As in America’s past, when the civil rights movement brought improvement to our society, we must do the same today and take action to create change. This desire for change led people from all walks of life to protest and show both Trump and the world their thoughts through this march instead of the media.

While many sought change with the Women’s March, others were filled with anger and annoyance due to the illegitimacy of these protests. Many were annoyed because they believed protestors should be aware that Trump is now president, wheather they like it or not. Surprisingly, the protestors out there claimed that this march was not some complaint due to the fact that Trump is president. Instead, it was to show that his discriminatory actions were not going to be tolerated by the citizens of America. A day following the march, Trump tweeted, “Why didn’t these people vote?” despite the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. As for now, Trump is president of the United States and accepting that may be the hardest truth for some Americans out there to face.


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