Pictured above are some of the Yuda Bands the IRC is selling, each engraved with its own unique design.

Pictured above are some of the Yuda Bands the IRC is selling, each engraved with its own unique design.

Starting November 30th, a new table was set up outside of Belmont High School’s cafeteria, piled high with goods to sell to passing students. Led by Belmont High’s own International Relations Club (IRC), a club whose mission includes sponsoring a foreign exchange program as well as partnering with international charities, this table sells Yuda Bands, handcrafted leather and coconut bracelets created by artisans in Guatemala. Not only are these bracelets stylish, they also serve a purpose. All of the profits raised from selling these bands are being used to sponsor a student in need.

The IRC has chosen Kimberly Miti, a 17-year-old female living in Zimbabwe. After both of her parents died when she was very young, Kimberly was taken to live at her aunt and uncle’s farm. Unfortunately, they could not afford to send her to school, despite her hard work and ambition. The IRC hopes that by selling enough Yuda Bands, they will be able to raise money to provide for her the education she needs to become a lawyer.

Spearheaded by co-presidents Luna Bradley-Hurley, Jia Zhang, Bonnie Jin, and Daniel Li, the IRC hoped to sell at least 47 of these bands to reach their goal. Incredibly, they are on their way to far surpassing that, having already sold over 50 bracelets in less than one week. This success has spurred them to extend the time the bracelets are sold for, from December 14th to December 23rd. Bradley-Hurley remains pleasantly surprised by the eager response of her classmates, saying, “I didn’t expect this project to be so successful, but as soon as we began selling the Yuda Bands, people bought them. This experience has really shown me that even a group as small as ours can make a big difference.”

With only a limited time remaining before the IRC stops selling the bands on December 23rd, now is the time to buy one. “Each one is so unique, and they have the dual purpose of helping someone in need,” Bradley-Hurley continues. “I bought one for myself the day they came in the mail, and I haven’t taken it off since.”

Because each bracelet has a special color and symbol, choosing yours is a very personal and unique experience. You can get your own Yuda Band for only $7 outside the high school cafeteria, at Champions in Belmont Center, or online, where you can also find out more information about them at http://www.yudabands.org


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