This Is Belmont

Last year, BHS replaced and added several murals to the school, including the word cloud in the cafeteria and the quote above the inside of the library entrance. This year, Mr. Roy’s Photo 3 Honors made a special request to Mr. Richards to replace one of the murals in the entrance hall with their class project, “This Is Belmont.”

The photo shoot was held on Friday, May 13, in the library conference rooms. The class set up strobe lights, a simple white backdrop, and a bench in front of a tripod, and groups of students and teachers flowed in and out throughout the entire school day. Some took portraits alone, others in groups of two or three or even six. There was a great variety in the types of people who showed up, and their many diverse personalities were evident in their expressions and poses. Out of the hundreds of photos shot, the class plans to select fifty based on the creativity and quality of the photo and edit them to be black and white, then put large versions of them over one of the murals in the entrance hall. They want a creative way to show the school’s spirit and the individuality of the students and faculty.

The idea for this project was originally inspired by JR, a French artist who shot black and white portraits around the world and put enormous versions of them on the sides of buildings and even a few roofs. He gave a Ted Talk in 2011 about his project:

By next year, hopefully the entrance hall will portray more of our school spirit! And a huge thank you from Photo 3 to everyone who participated–we couldn’t have done it without all of you!