A few decades ago, the latest craze was learning how to turn on and use the computer. Eventually, schools started to make typing classes and games for kids. Now, as a community obsessed with technology, we have passed the stages of how to use a computer and arrived at the incredible phenomenon of how to make a computer do what we want. What goes on behind the scenes when we press the up arrow in our favorite computer game or even scroll through our Facebook newsfeeds? Learning computer science answers these questions that curious technology users have had along with many more.

This summer, the organization Codemakers is starting a computer programming workshop for students ages 8-18 years old interested in learning how to code! The program teaches GameLooper, Python for Minecraft, Java, Python, C++, JavaScript, Matlab, and AP Computer Science A prep, depending on your prior experience in computer science.

Many students here at Belmont High are very well equipped with coding skills and have been exposed to computer science through classes, including Intro to Coding, CAD, and Engineering and Design. Codemakers would like to invite junior and senior Belmont High students who have an interest in programming to work with them as teaching assistants  at their workshops in Cushing Square this upcoming summer! (Starting June 4th).

Here is some information about the teaching assistant position from the Codemakers coordinator, Rachelle:

BHS students accepted into the program will generally assist in 2-3 workshops per week at a rate of $12 per hour over a 3 month rotation.The next program workshop  starts on June 4th with every workshop will have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 students (8-17 years old, depending on the workshop). Our instructors are professional software developers, advanced (doctoral) graduate students, PhDs from Harvard, and seasoned middle and high school computer programming teachers. We think BHS students will learn a lot from our instructors and from this teaching experience.

Teaching assistants are there to make sure everyone is progressing at the same pace so that the instructor can continue teaching the next steps, theories, etc. The job will entail assisting the instructor throughout the workshop, and essentially walking around and making sure that each student is on track. Some kids may be get frustrated if they are not able to make their project work, or if they are not understanding. Teaching assistants will be key to making sure all kids feel they are doing well even if it just takes a while to master the steps.

The workshop teaches a drag-and-drop programming course calling GameLoopers. If you’re not familiar with it, you can download GameLooper for free, build your own video game for tablet or phone, share the game with your friends, and upload the game to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Rachelle will be teaching this workshop in the beginning, but over time would like to see BHS students work in pairs to take primary responsibility for teaching this workshop with Rachelle on hand to make sure things run smoothly.

If you are interested in applying for the teaching assistant position, submit an application describing your experience in computer programming and also any experience you may have working with kids (babysitting experience is fine, too). The online form is on our website through this link: http://www.codemakers.us/belmont-high.html.

I hope you all consider applying!