Victory Field was packed with fans and supporters as the crowd began to settle down on a day that seemed ideal for football. The sunny sky, the warm weather, and the hearty pre-Thanksgiving mood would seem bleak and dreary in a couple of hours, as the fans from Belmont would leave Victory Field disappointed, and downcast. The Marauders would lose the game 24-22, as the Red Raiders would go on to celebrate their fourth win against Belmont in a row. Dating back to 2012-13 season, the Raiders have won ever since.

After an early score by the Raiders in the first quarter by the Raiders quarterback, Deon Smith to put them in the lead 7-0, the game switched back and forth multiple times throughout the game. After the QB sneak by Smith, the Marauders answered back with a TD on the following drive, a pass TD from Cal Christofori (#14), to Joe Shaughnessy (#87), to tie up the game. In the 2nd quarter, the Raiders scored on a run, which put them in the lead again, 14-7. The Marauders would not let them pull away entirely, and they answered with a last-minute field goal from Aidan Cadogan (#46), right before the half, putting them within 4, 14-10.

After the spectacular halftime show by the BHS Marching Band, the Marauders would face a not-so-spectacular situation. The Marauders received the opening kickoff of the half, but the return man muffed the ball, and the Raiders successfully recovered. This put the Raiders deep in Marauders territory, and the Raiders took full advantage of this as they punched in another rushing TD. With the game now a two-possession game, the Marauders needed to score, and get a defensive stop to tie, or take the lead. The Marauders were successful on both occasions, as they answered with a TD to put them 21-16. (However, they failed to convert the 2-pt conversion, which kept the score at 21-16.) They also got their defensive stop as they forced the Raiders to go three-and-out deep in their own territory on the following drive, forcing them to punt. The Marauders’ special team however, came up big as they successfully blocked the punt, which put them within range of another touchdown. About 10 yards from the endzone, Mekhai Johnson (#3), carried the ball in, to pull the Marauders ahead, 22-21. The Marauders failed the 2 pt conversion again, and so the score remained 22-21. After another defensive stop, the Marauders had the ball at their own 40-yd line with about 6 minutes left. They managed to get some first-downs, and they wasted 3 minutes, but they were forced to punt with about 3 minutes left in the game.

The Raiders came roaring back, and after some penalties, Deon Smith passed to WR Kyle Foley (#7) for a big gain of 25 yards, which put them almost in field-goal range. The Raiders QB attempted a pass down the middle on 2nd down, and the Marauders almost intercepted it, but the Marauder linebacker dropped it, which gave the Raiders another chance. With 17 seconds left on the clock, the Raiders lined up their kicker for a field-goal attempt, and with one swing of the leg, the Raiders had the lead, 24-22. The Marauders would go on to lose, and the final score became 24-22. Despite the disappointing loss, the fans of Belmont cheered on the team, especially the seniors, for their hard work and dedication to representing Belmont. For the seniors, this game would be their last at Belmont High School, and although the final result was a loss, the fans, players, and supporters of Belmont all knew that better results would come next year.