On Wednesday, October 28th, the second annual Belmont High School Haunted House was held in the cafeteria, organized by Devan O’ Toole and Dan Miley. All the money made by this event goes to the Make a Wish Foundation for helping some charities. This year, a Halloween activity center for younger kids was added and people from all over Belmont joined to share this memorable event with us. The construction of both Haunted House and activity center stared from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Many volunteers happily participated and dressed up creatively, creating an atmosphere of Halloween spirit.

The Haunted House was a success; it was scary enough to make people scream. It was in a completely dark room with complex routes, frightening decorations, and hidden scarers ready to jump out at any moment. Thanks to the staff’s efforts, the night was truly successful. If you missed this wonderful experience, we hope to see you next year! Happy Halloween!


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